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Kali Masi

[Laugh] - Take This To Heart Records

Kala Masi or is it “sacred black chicken”, (sorry had to make light of that, for some reason the chicken thing sat at the back of my brain and popped up as soon as I heard the band name), this latest album from the Chicago band that epitomises the power of self insight, is out 26th March via Take This To Heart Records. 

Is this Emo or is this simply a musical outpouring of everything that is difficult to express in most other ways?  I prefer the latter.  The second you hear the first few chords and then the vocal kicks in on ‘Still Life’ your made to take a deep breath and steady yourself for a ride, a journey of discovery, a journey that takes you through all the emotional ups and downs of life, headed by a backdrop of sound that kisses the heart with its power when needed, but strokes the face with tenderness at the right moments too.

Possibly the best track on the album ‘Paint Me Jade’ comes in early into the fray, an upbeat less self indulgent track that lifts you up, even though the feeling of loneliness and lack of motivation is the theme.

What does stand out on this sophomore album is the fact that touring and playing with the likes of Less Than Jake has given them a need/want to express themselves with energy that shows through, ‘Hurts To Laugh’ has this in spades, add a little brass section and your seeing what I mean.  This in no way says that they have taken any part of other bands and simply embroiled them into their sound, this is most definitely Kali Masi, but as with this style of sound, comparisons can alway she made, hearing the likes of ‘Trophy Deer’ and ‘Recurring’ your easily bringing to mind Against Me, especially for the latter, an expression of feeling in the vocal that Laura Jane Grace herself would be proud of.

Reaching the end of this expedition into a jungle of life experiences, emotional turmoil, self awareness and actually still having the machete in hand to fight your way out, is very refreshing, so many albums of this genre can leave you feeling drained and ready to give up altogether, not [Laugh], you still have your self preservation intact.

What this album does, is makes you believe that being stuck in your own weariness and repetitive lifestyle doesn’t have to the end.  Musically never stood still, vocally high end emotional!


Out 26th March via Take This To Heart Records

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