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Smalltown Tigers

Five Things - Area Pirata Records

Smalltown Tigers may come from a small town in Italy, and may have only been around for less time than it takes a child to grow a full set of teeth, but Tiger teeth is exactly what they seem to posses on the live scene!

A trio of girls form a punk band back in 2018, play Ramones songs to surfer, skate punk, party goers,  2019 they head into a studio with underground producer Stiv Cantarelli, to record there first originals, get out on tour and bag the support for the Italian leg of the Baby Shakes tour, then comes a a UK tour that sees them playing the likes of the iconic Hope & Anchor with bands such as the amazing Menstrual Cramps & Hagar The Womb, and to end the year comes the release of  the “Just Friends” video.

What you have now is not a trio of girls playing punk rock, but a “Punk Rock Band” that is made up of Valli (Bass/Vocals), Monty (Guitar/Vocals) and Castel (Drums/Vocals) playing their own brand of 70’s led punk with its own fusion of Indie/Glam/Rock and everything in-between.

This is being touted as a “mini album”, some bands would easily put out 8 tracks and call it a full length, and get away with it.  Not Smalltown Tigers,   mini it is then.  

From the very first fat throaty guitar chords, to a bass that reverbs all the way to your toes and the vocal that leaves you picking yourself up from the floor, dusting off and knowing that “Five Things” is an opening track of brutish incendiary proportions, that sets you up for what is to come.

If you are of an age that remembers when Joan Jett first hit the airwaves, be it with the Runaways or The Blackhearts, then you will understand the excitement that comes with hearing Rock ’N’ Roll played in a way that moves you, this “mini album” could very be that kind of moment.  

Personally its hard to listen and not be dragged all the way back to the day I bought my very first vinyl single, “Devil Gate Drive” by Suzi Quattro too.  

There are so many times when listening to this album when you think, 2 years! Really!  If this is what can be produced within this short lifespan of the band, then here we go on a journey.  

“Just Friends” takes up second spot in the running order, this was their first offering into the video world, the title and the video do give an insight as to how great this band can be, based on fun, friendship and loving life, what a foundation to build on.

Other stand outs are “Girl” “Another Name”Runaway Gal” “Darling Please”I Want It Now” oh and “The Bitch”  yep all of them.   Earthy, true Rock ’N’ Roll classics with the bands own stamp all over them!

It’s almost summer and the lockdown maybe over soon, Smalltown Tigers with this release, are perfectly poised to blaze their way through the “real” music scene. 


Out on April 24th, this can be purchased from Area Pirata Records

Check out the bands Facebook HERE

See the video for “Five Things” below