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Turbulent Hearts

Turbulent Hearts - Headcheck Records

Los Angeles trio Turbulent Hearts, that consists of Suzy Moon, formerly of Civet, on guitar and vocals, along with new partners in crime, Mark Johnson, bass, and Jay Skowronek on drums, have been building an impressive reputation in the US through a steady stream of self released EP’s and incendiary live shows. The band released their self titled debut full length earlier this month via Headcheck Records, the album is a compilation of their three self released DIY EP’s, Panic, Rage and Crazy Girl, that were released over a twelve month period between the summers of 2015 and 2016.

Panic kicks things off in fine style with a frantic full tilt blast of punk rock, whilst this is a theme that permeates the album it’s clear that Turbulent Hearts are no one trick pony. They crash through differing styles over the course of this fifteen track debut, all the while maintaining an impressive punk rock attitude, tracks such as On My Own and Not That Kind Of Girl channel old school UK punk rock, whilst Cryin’ and Another Thing Coming possess the snotty attitude of the original New York punk bands. But it’s not all punk rock fury, Never Getting Over You, Fallen In Luv and Notice Me have the feel of classic rock n’ roll numbers that are delivered with a hefty dose of attitude and distortion, there’s the sleazy blues grind of Redwood Nights and they even briefly unplug on the tortured number The Rage.

Turbulent Hearts have all the elements that made Suzy Moon‘s previous band, Civet, such a force to be reckoned with, but they have taken Civet‘s venom and blended it with a diversity of styles that makes Turbulent Hearts debut album an unpredictable beast. At it’s heart this is an album of intense punk rock fury, but it also channels punk’s varied history and brings in other styles and influences to ensure that this isn’t an album that ever falls into the trap of being repetitive. Turbulent Hearts will be on tour in the UK later this year, including an appearance at the Rebellion Festival, and on the basis of this album I’ll be doing my best to make sure I catch them live, as this collection of their DIY recordings to date suggests that Turbulent Hearts are a band to watch closely.

Turbulent Hearts Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp site is here

You can purchase Turbulent Hearts debut album via Headcheck Records here