Envy On The Coast – Self Titled

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Envy On The Coast

Self Titled - Photo Finish Records

Envy On The Coast are one of those bands that seemed to just jump out of nowhere. Thanks to some carefully placed press releases and promotional placements, Photo Finish‘s first band was suddenly everywhere – in the press and on tour opening for bands like Angels And Airwaves. They literally jumped out of the shadows to the forefront of the indie punk scene, and it’s kind of surprising because Envy On The Coast‘s self-titled debut is far from special.

Envy On The Coast is extremely well produced, slick and will fit nicely into most CD collections, but it fits a bit too nicely. There’s just not enough originality within the tracks to really make the album more memorable, and instead follows the path laid out safely in front of them. They never put anything unique to themselves in the track, they just borrow traits from other successful bands and combine them together.You Won’t Hear This sees the band taking a page straight out from Andrew McMahon and Something Corporate, both with the piano-driven melody and the immense change in vocal delivery (he sounds exactly like McMahon on here, but not on any other track). Temper Temper starts off with a sparse guitar riff that is almost a direct replica of Transit Radio‘s Standing In The Middle before bringing in a violin section that is pretty much lifted directly from Yellowcard‘s Believe.

The rest of the release is pretty similar, in that they take and pick from various artists and combine them together for a solid emo release. This does make it so that Envy On The Coast is an entertaining listen, it flies by nicely and a few of the choruses are quite catchy. But at the same time, it’s not a challenging listen by any means. It just is the same thing you’ve heard numerous times before without breaking out of their safety zone and trying something new. Well produced, well written, just not original enough to survive. They’ll ride the wave of the sudden popularity, grow a fan base thanks to high profile tours, but after a while they’ll simply fall into obscurity if they don’t learn to create a more unique and challenging sound.