Final Conflict – No Peace On Earth, No Rest In Hell

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Final Conflict

No Peace On Earth, No Rest In Hell - SOS Records

It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these, an actual “punk album.” I was beginning to get worried that perhaps pop-punk and metalesque hardcore bands had devoured the scene. But I guess not, months ago I had this given to me, Final Conflict, a band I know absolutely nothing about. So I did what I usually do when I get a CD I’m unsure of, I neglected it until I was bored one night, so I looked them up on the internet and gave their album a try. Sticking to the trend that I always seem to fall victim too, leaving this album dormant for so long was just a bad idea. It’s kind of like listening to most of the UK82 bands(minus any English accents) that came out around the same time(I guess these guys started in 1983). So just imagine Discharge or GBH, without the crappy recordings and you’ve got yourself Final Conflict. For those of you not familiar with the two aforementioned bands, I can only recommend acquainting yourself with them before moving onto Final Conflict.

Anyways, there are the same screeching guitar solos and crazy riffing that I grew to love ever so much from Discharge. Plus there’s the addition or a rapid-fire drummer, the likes of which were common in most bands of this type(plus double-kick, if I’m hearing this right). The bass is fairly decent and drives some of the songs. The vocals are excellent, there’s no melodic moments, no screaming, just throaty shouts(thinkPoison Idea), then add some lyrics that are entirely comprised of shots at the government and society.

I have a feeling this band might be legendary and I’m merely ignorant to this. Being that they were around during the height of hardcore and based in Southern California, I can only assume they have a following. In lieu of this, I most definitely urge anyone reading this review to obtain this album, for it is excellent. I’m not sure how readily available it though, so you might have to do some digging. I have only ever come across any of their material one time and that was in a record store dedicated to punk. If more bands sounded like this, I would be able to sleep easier at night.