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God Damn

Everything Ever - One Little Indian

Black Country duo God Damn are releasing their sophomore album, Everything Ever, it follows the release of last years debut album, Vultures, God Damn are comprised of Thom Edwards, guitar and vocals, and Ash Weaver, Drums. Listening to Everything Ever it’s hard to believe that this album isn’t the product of a conventional band, this is a duo that make the kind of accomplished noise that normally takes at least four members, and a lot of amplification. Everything Ever is due to be unleashed by One Little Indian Records on September 23rd.

The album opens with some serious momentum, the fuzz drenched riff of Sing This is a great hook filled opener, and every single number, barring the soulful closing number Easily Misled, follows suit. This is an album has references and snatches from almost every genre, I can hear elements of so many great bands from the past in their music, but it’s all done with their own distorted and delicious twist. Everything Ever is an album that will remind you of someone, or an element of a song or a band that you love, but they have managed to make the whole package sound fresh and contemporary. Everything Ever is the perfect title for their latest release, as that is pretty much what has been thrown into the creation of the thirteen tracks on this album.

It’s hard to believe that this album is the product of just two people, every riff is delivered with style and energy and the album encompasses the alternative of the mid eighties onwards. The influences are so numerous that it’s impossible to pinpoint them all without going on at length with an endless who’s who of the alternative scene. I think the way to view God Damn is as the product of the evolution of the alternative scene, they have drawn together some of the finest musical elements of the last thirty years to create Everything Ever. I will be going to see God Damn when they come to my neck of the woods, and to be honest I can’t wait to see them live as they are an amalgamation of many of the bands I grew up listening to, without being in any way a throwback to the past, and that is quite an achievement however you look at it.

To purchase tickets for their fortchoming tour, and for all things God Damn, you can visit their website here

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