Look What I Did – Minute Man For The Moment

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Look What I Did

Minute Man For The Moment - Combat Rock

I’d like to start by saying I didn’t expect much from this cd. I’ve never heard this band, and I would die happy if I didn’t hear them again. They were ever so terrible, I’m not really sure what to start with. The part that hurt my ears the most was probably the guitar riffs, and just the general sound their instruments were making. The vocals were terrible as well, just when you think the singer can hold a melody, the song goes into a bizarre breakdown and all hope that you previously held in the music industry quickly dies. Fortunately the drummer didn’t sound that bad, he can obviously use a double kick( I enjoy double kick), but then again, most hardcores/metal bands can as well. The overall sound is still terrible though. It was a lot like playing a game I just made up called “Make the shittiest sound possible for as long as possible.” Just in case that isn’t vivid enough, this band sounds a bit like Every Time I Die, minus the melody and general talent. I think my favourite part of the album was the pauses in between songs and when my I-tunes(The lesser of many music playing evils on my computer) started making a song skip.

I hoped after listening to the first four songs, and I use the word song loosely, I’d find salvation in the lyrics. Nope, no salvation here, I’d be pretty happy to say that the lyrics were mediocre, but they were just stupid. No more, no less, I could probably write similar lyrics if I took several tabs of acid and hit my head very hard with a dictionary(Hard cover, and I’d use a dictionary because maybe I’d absorb some vocabulary through osmosis or something). But I digress, some people just aren’t cut out to make albums, and this band falls into that category. Buying this cd, in my opinion would be a mistake, but that’s just my opinion. If you enjoy what seems to be songs made up on the spot, you’d probably like this cd. But my hatred for it steadily increases for every second I listen to it.

Just another interesting piece of information, this album has a sticker located on the cover saying that if you like these bands, buy this album! Well it just so turns out that the bands it lists are so excessively different, it would be hard not to fall in between. I hate this band so much.