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Folly - Paper Garden Records

Pree’s recent full length, Folly, is the wispy, quiet indie equivalent to a boring, breakdown-abusing metalcore mess.  Featuring the very capable vocal prowess of May Tabol, she relies on a single, albeit initially strong skill, which eventually tests their audience’s patience.  Tabol flourishes each word with a silken sash of beauty that resonates forth from the back of her throat, warping every word into a powerful melody.  But while it sounds great for the first 30 seconds, it becomes the crutch on which all twelve tracks lean.

Compounding matters, the bulk of the instrumentation floats on passively, preventing other deserving elements from taking their due place.  Tracks like “Old Form” (or any number of others really) include faint acoustic guitar and ukulele plucking and a host of interesting percussive possibilities.  There’s a dreamy, sleepiness blanketing most songs, but they tend to saturate a steady state of boredom above all else.   Think the minimalism of Cat Power, or innocence of Fiest but without such a dynamic implementation.  Returning to Tabol’s vocals, she often finds herself accompanied by a host of mellow “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” as per songs like “Songs Of Promise.”  Rather than bolster with confidence, these supports further mask the wasted instrumental potential, blending into a mushy, oddly inspired but oh so uneventful uniformity.  For all the wrong reasons, Folly merely conjures up typecast images of directionless hippies dancing in horizon filling grassy acreage – something I’m sure you have to be part of to fully enjoy.

For such a disappointing 44 minutes, Folly brims with underutilized talent.  Perhaps I’m being unfair, or hold unrealistic expectations – but regardless, Pree’s latest effort simply bores me.  Perhaps the band could generate some additional excitement if they branched their sound out, or if Tabol did more than abuse her vocal talents.  As it stands, Folly is only for the most devoted indie core.