Rezurex – Beyond The Grave

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Beyond The Grave - Fiend Force Records

As soon as I saw this album in front of me, I was excited – and not just for one simple reason, but for many. The first was the simple act of seeing the artwork and name. Seeing the word Rezurex plastered on top of a skull sporting a green flat top, I was certain I’d soon be hearing some good old fashioned psychobilly and horrorpunk. Then, I saw a sticker proudly proclaiming that the album is comparable to “Misfitsand classic Damned with Rockabilly roots.” Can you say “yay” yet? I sure was. Still, to top it all off was the simple logo of Cargo Music on the back. While the main label was Fiend Force Records, it was still great to see the Cargo Music logo since I hadn’t seen it in oh so long. Long story short, I couldn’t wait to hear Rezurex‘s Beyond The Grave, and as soon as I put it in I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Beyond The Grave gave me absolutely everything I was expecting to get. While I’m not psychobilly/horrorpunk master, I would call myself a fan of the genre – well, off the few bands I know of it anyway – and this fit right into my conception of the genre. It’s fast paced, and extremely danceable with the unmistakable twang of the always impressive upright bass kicking out that old rockabilly vibe. On top of that, you get Daniel deLeon’s spectacular vocal delivery with it’s eerie, goth punk sound and lasting linger backed up by some carefully placed “woahs” for a little added effect. Of course, no psychobilly album called Beyond The Grave would be complete without it’s fair set of eerie, creepy, lyrics – and Beyond The Grave is jammed packed with those with songs about murders, suicide, and having halloween every day. Even the love songs have their special little gruesome twist to them, which is a nice change from the generic pop-punk lyrics.

As soon as Beyond The Grave got into the full swing of things, I was already ready to dance along to it as it brought instant visions of bands like Nekromantix and Tiger Army. I later found out that those visions make even more sense than the obvious comparison considering that three of the four members are from those two prominent horrorpunk bands. Throw in the singer for The Insaints and you have a band that has been around the block and know how to spit out the perfect psychobilly tune – and they do that it.

So fans of horrorpunk unite, and get ready to be overrun with joy thanks to the unmistakable twang that is Rezurex.