Robbie Morön – Palooka Haymaker EP

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Robbie Morön

Palooka Haymaker - High End Denim Records

Robbie Morön as well as fronting his own band with a most imaginative name The Moröns (yes sarcasm fits me well) and also showing up on some of Burning Nickels work, he now has pushed out on his won, so to this end we now have the EP Palooka Haymaker or in English “a sucker punch from a no mark prize fighter”, wonder if this term was a way of playing down what is actually more of a Right Hook from a class act.  This EP comes at a time when the world may be well and truly in the shit tip that is the aftermath of a pandemic, a time when a lift is needed.  

Enter Robbie Morön and his unique take on life, ‘Get Off My Lawn’ for example, a song that has a wonderful simplicity to it, both musically and lyrically, pop punk that says “fuck with my life and I’ll fuck you over/off”.  

Party Punk is what The Moröns/Robbie are synonymous for, yet this does also come with a sense of purpose, a very cryptic purpose maybe, but a purpose all the same, take ‘Bad Taste In Dicks’ from outward appearance this songs seems to be to the point, it takes ‘Becky Slater’ (another song) and questions her choice in men, yet you can’t help wondering if this is really a narrative on how the right girls always go for the bad guys, or it could just be what it says on the tin “hmmmm”, the point is, Robbie has a way of writing that you can take as tongue in cheek like ‘I Wanna Be Sexy’ or it can also be very serious in a ‘Not Today’ way (best song on the EP by the way), the former was really hard to take seriously, especially with the shit Scots accent opening sample, but then it did have a very damn sexy vocal that had elements of The Rocky Horror Show coming through, which saved it to the “yes this is a great song” actually, the latter just oozed punk plain and simple.

Lastly we get to ‘Wheelie Poppin Studball’ party punk at its best, then the best party piece you could wish for the Marina Diamandis cover ‘Bubblegum Bitch’, power to the ladies! Yes I do love a bit of Marina, so this did floor me, in a sense of why this song, yet it also made perfect sense too, tongue in cheek is a great way of saying things you really wanna say, but feel it may come across a little oddball.

Great opening EP for a solo, only thing that was a little confusing, was the comparisons to The Moröns so difficult to get away from, it makes you wonder, why solo?

Put this on and party like a PUNK!

Out via High End Denim Records on November 26th

Robbie might not have his won Facebook but I’m sure you can contact him via THE Moröns