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Section H8

Welcome To The Nightmare - Flatspot Records

Is Hardcore still a thing?, Does hardcore still need to a part of the punk scene?, has it ever gone away?, just a few of the questions we can now answer.  First of all, yes Hardcore Punk is still a thing, yes it definitely still has its place within the punk scene (how else do you diversify and grow), and lastly no it never went away, it just underpinned the whole world of punk and gave a bench mark to all the new bands on the circuit.  So with all that said, enter Section H8, a new hardcore band who don’t play by any rules, well not that there should be any rules in Punk.

Section H8 arose back in 2018 and since then have released a few EP’s, but now it’s time to put the last few years into perspective and give the world a tangible slice of what they are about.  ‘Welcome To The Nightmare’ cracks open the can of worms that is our world as it is now, full of personal struggles, political confusion, crime, death and the corruption that blights country including their own.  

From the off or should I say the from the explosion that is the opener ‘Nightmare’ we are pummelled by a unforgiving vocal that is driven along by the musical equivalent of a volcanic explosion, its a Cro-mags meets Agnostic Front style of face plant your given, yet within the bowls of hell all is not red-hot ear searing noise, this is much more of a considered rage, ‘Roaches’ for example throws a hardcore rap bone your way, then ‘Mist Head’ gives some weight to the Slayer influences that entwine themselves throughout the whole album, and were not finished yet, ‘Street Sweeper’ has flashes of Rancid’s 2000 album which is something that is underpinned by the guest vocal of Tim Armstrong himself.  The end of the album has the biggest surprise of all ‘Hate’  is an anthem of spectacular proportions, not anything special in the world of 80’s hardcore, but within this album it simply fits perfectly and drops you off the cliff face into oblivion, hopefully to be caught by the next instalment and thrown back up!

To sum this album up in the same way that the album sums up the world, its like you’ve been given sharp blow to the throat!

Out on July 30th this album can be purchased from FLATSPOT RECORDS