Simple Plan – Live (July 28th, 2006)

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Simple Plan

Live (July 28th, 2006) - Ed Fest - Edmonton, Alberta

You hate them. Or you love them. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure, Simple Plan always come through in their live shows, and last night was no different.

The band bounded onto the stage at 9:45 under the gloomy dark sky and hopped right into the single Shut Up, and you knew once again that Simple Plan were there to perform. Pierre’s vocals were a little off key and not the strongest, but that’s what his vocals are always like (even on the recordings). So it’s nice to hear that they don’t use any protools or editing device to make his pitch that perfect platinum-selling sound. David was there with his signature collared shirt (red this time) and tie (white), as Jeff patiently waited for his opportunity to shine with a few guitar solos here and there (but not nearly enough as the band stated). The band performed to their standards, keeping the same rhythm that they had almost a year ago across the street in Rexall Place last November (oddly enough, the same backdrops too).

Of course, while they catered their set for their fans, there were a few bumps and hurdles thrown throughout the set. A few of their jokes were a little old for their crowd, ut luckily nothing was too direct or explicit and insulting (unlike Hedley‘s appalling display last March at Red’s). Their little mockery of rap was comical, but also a little out of place as you never really want to see five suburban white boys rapping covers of 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z. At least this time they learnt from the backlash and stated that they don’t actually advocate guns at all, they just use the shotgun motion making fun of rap artists who use that to sell their songs and have the gun sounds pre-tuned into their turntables.

Still, Simple Plan knows how to put on a show, and the phenomenal lighting effects from the Ed Fest crew helped that too. Not only did they play all their songs, like God Must Hate Me, Perfect, Thank You, Perfect World, Crazy, Me Against The World, Promise, Jump, I’d Do Anything and more, but they also played a variety of cover songs including Jimmi Hendrix‘s Foxey Lady for all the parents in the crowd (well, anyone born before 1980). They pulled out the acoustic guitars for Welcome To My Life and Untitled and actively supported the crowd joining in for songs like I’m Just A Kid.

So Simple Plan did what Simple Plan always does. They came out, they played their songs, talked a bit and got the crowd involved. Yeah, if you hate them, you’d hate them live – but for fans, they never fail to disappoint.