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Simple Plan

Still Not Getting Any - Lava Records

After selling over 3 million copies of their 2002 debut album, No Pads, No Helmets… Just BallsSimple Plan are back with their sophomore album, Still Not Getting Any…. In its first week in stores, the album already went Platinum in Canada; and the first single, Welcome To My Life, has been tearing up the airwaves for a couple weeks now. How are they able to do all of this? It’s simple really, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.

The Montreal pop-punkers took over the hearts and minds of teenage girls all over the world with their debut album, so why mess with success? Simple Plan have made another catchy, pop-punk album that has no where to go but up. So if you were one of the millions of fans who love No Pads…, then you will still love Still Not Getting Any… because the same energetic, clean, pop-punk sound with lyrics you can relate to that were on No Pads… is found once again on here. But don’t worry, it isn’t the exact replica of No Pads…, it is more raw and in your face, not quite as clean and crisp as before. They have experimented with a few new tricks, and after touring with mainstreams act like Blink182 and Green Day along with the ever present Warped Tour, it makes sense that they had learnt some new moves. From the very sociopoliticalCrazy, to the piano ballard Untitled, to the incredibly energetic Jump (which really gives the album a strong kick), to the catchy single Welcome To My Life, and the necessary love songEverytimeSimple Plan proves that they can make more then just the same song over and over again.

As a little bonus feature Simple Plan have thrown in a DVD with the release. You can listen to the entire CD on your DVD player with this and watch them craft some of the tracks on the album in the studio with Bob Rock. The DVD isn’t anything special, but its a nice little extra for the extreme fans.

Despite their efforts to the contrary on the Scooby Doo soundtrack, Simple Plan have grown up a bit here. Still Not Geting Any… has already sold more records then some bands sell in their entire career due to it’s mass appeal to the MTV generation. ANd now matter how much you claim to hate these Canadians, you can’t help but enjoy their sophomore release.