Single Review: Cope – Tooth And Nail EP

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Tooth And Nail - Self Released

Hardcore punk outfit Cope have dropped their latest EP, Tooth And Nail, that was self released on October 13th, Cope‘s latest release is as fiercely political, positive, inspired and angry as ever, making the London based quartet a band fitting of today’s uncertain political climate. Tooth And Nail follows on from last years Challenge Oppression / Pursue Equality EP, and their latest release sees their sound become even heavier, but importantly they maintain their commitment to political activism, and the EP carries the same defiant and unifying message.

Stray Bullets comes straight out of the traps with a full tilt blast of heavy duty punk rock that is borne of hardcore, but one that is brought bang up to date. Tooth And Nail is a remorseless EP, the title track continues the full on the brutal assault before Neo Nasty well and truly nails their colours to the mast. Many Faces, the lead single from Tooth And Nail, carries the fight as does the closing duo of Populism and the impressive closing track, The Great Divide. The message on the Tooth And Nail EP is one that is loud and clear, as the refrain from the EP’s title track states ‘refuse, resist, don’t give into fear’

Cope deliver an angry politically motivated blast of heavy duty punk rock, but it’s one that strikes the right balance between optimism that things can change for the better, and justifiable and focused anger at the current state of world politics. Tooth And Nail is the perfect soundtrack to defiance in the face of the hate and ignorance that has sadly become of feature of modern politics, and it’s one that is delivered with a heavyweight blend of furious hardcore and punk rock that is tinged with elements of metalcore.

You can stream and purchase Tooth & Nail here