Single Review: Klammer – Being Boiled

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Being Boiled - Under Dogz Records

41 years ago The Human League released one of their best singles, Being Boiled. A dark, synth, pop song way ahead of it’s time. Minimal, haunting and heavy with the feeling of impending doom.

On June 3rd Klammer release their version of this classic song but minimal synth it certainly isn’t. Previously described as the love child of XTC and Gang Of Four, Klammer blend elements of punk, post punk and a little goth to produce songs full of hooks, energy and an edgy darkness. Even by Klammer standards this new single packs a punch. Although recognisable within seconds, they have dragged Being Boiled right to the heart of the modern world and hammer it out with driving guitars, drums and throbbing bass riffs. This is an unforgettable noise with instant appeal. Everything about it is good. The vocals of Pos suit this song perfectly- a cross between talking and singing but with real force behind them. Steve Whitfield’s guitar slices right through you. A better post punk guitar racket you won’t have heard in recent years. 

 Being Boiled is backed with And This Is How The West Was Won, a track taken from their critically acclaimed 2016 self-titled album.

Being Boiled will be available via Under Dogz Records here and you can stream Being Boiled here.

Klammer‘s website is here and they can be found on Facebook here