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Spiral Girl - Under Dogz Records

Leeds/Huddersfield based band Klammer have been delivering dark, noisy, post-punk since 2013, and, in this relatively short space of time, already have two seriously impressive albums, a seven inch single and, more recently, a download only single, Modern God, under their belts. Often compared to Gang Of Four, Wire and bands such as The Sisters Of Mercy, their new single, Spiral Girl, takes a large, but not giant, step away from such influences. The darkness is still there, a deep, heavy, bass rhythm rumbles along throughout the (almost) three minutes that is overlaid with a sharp, piercing, angular guitar and driven along with plenty of melodic hooks, searing guitar and pulsating drums to create a blend of punk, new wave and yes, a little bit of that uniquely Leeds sound.

Spiral Girl mixes these up to give it’s own distinct sound that’s full of high octane attitude. Helped enormously by the deep, edgy vocals of Poss who talks/chants his way through verses dwelling on a past long gone, “Her favourite things have been and gone, but does it really matter? She will always be the one as crazy as a hatter” before the guitar drenched chorus, underpinned by some fierce drumming, kicks in giving Spiral Girl a seriously catchy vibe. If you like non-stop intense guitar work with some razor sharp riffs (fans of The Chameleons will especially find a lot to like here), distinct vocals and a song that wastes no time grabbing your attention, and doesn’t let go until the closing note, then Spiral Girl is for you.

Spiral Girl is set to be released on July 13th via Under Dogz Records and is available as a limited (300) edition 7 inch single that can be pre-ordered here, as a download from Bandcamp here and streamed across the usual platforms. Spiral Girl precedes Klammer’s third album, You Have Been Processed, that will be released in August. Now that is something I’m really looking forward to.

Klammer’s website can be found here

Klammer have also released a video for Spiral Girl