Single Review: Maypine – In The Back Of My Mind EP

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In The Back Of My Mind - Disconnect Disconnect Records

Brighton based pop punkers Maypine have announced their arrival with the release of their debut EP, In The Back Of My Mind, that is due out on Friday 4th August through Disconnect Disconnect Records. The band pull influences from the likes of State Champs, Neck Deep and Blink-182, as a result of this Maypine have all the infectious refrains and upbeat punk rock rhythms you’d expect from any self respecting pop punk band, but crucially they have formed their own sound out of the influences to create an accessible and energetic EP.
A Little Sooner kicks things off with an upbeat pop punk blast that sets Maypine‘s stall out nicely, the slightly more hard edged North South Divide ups the ante and keeps the bouncy flow of the In The Back Of My Mind EP moving along as does the midway track, Inside Out. In amongst the sunny pop punk gems is the seemingly obligatory slow burning sentimental number, Never Far Apart, that builds to an intense finale, until finally Day After Day brings us full circle in what has been a quintet of tracks that is the essence of pop punk.
Aside from the obvious pop punk influences you can pick up there is a distinctly British influence from the likes of Mega City Four and The Senseless Things in the delivery, and it’s this transatlantic approach to pop punk that for me makes them stand out from the crowd. Maypine have released as finer slice of sunny pop punk as you’ll find this side of California, and for me the In The Back Of My Mind EP will make a fine addition to any self respecting pop punkers playlist.
You can pre-order the In The Back Of My Mind EP here