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Petty Phase

Petty Phase - Headcheck Records

Petty Phase have signed to Headcheck Records for the release of the self titled EP, their first release for the label is one that makes an impression from the first overdriven chords of Made To Order, this track kicks off Petty Phase‘s EP with a spiky ’77 riff, gang vocals and rough edges that convey a fuck you attitude, if you aren’t smitten by half way through Made To Order then you’re probably already dead. Jesus Touch picks up where Made To Order left off but with a slightly more focused and driven feel, whilst Y2K continues to deliver raw buzzsaw punk rock. Petty Phase has saved the final kick in the nuts for last, Different For Girls is a blast of energetic hard edge punk rock with a heavyweight riff that just pummels you into submission

Petty Phase embrace the attitude of all the best female and female fronted punk bands, everything from Vice Squad and The Distillers to L7 and Hole are warmly embraced in their sound and served up with the spirit of the Riot Grrrrl scene. The four tracks that make up the Petty Phase EP form a quartet of scuzzy punk rockers that manages to span the decades and it’s a release that puts them firmly at the top of the list of bands I want to catch in 2019. Petty Phase have released an incredible four track EP that really should be on your end of year playlist, their biography simply states ‘sugar, spunk and everything punk’ and that is most certainly what Petty Phase are made of.

The Petty Phase EP can be pre-ordered via Headcheck Records here

Petty Phase‘s Facebook page can be found here