Single Review: Sammi Lanzetta – For Avery EP

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Sammi Lanzetta

For Avery - 6131 Records

Virginia’s Sammi Lanzetta is set to release her debut EP, For Avery, on the 6th October, the EP’s brisk ten minutes wastes no time in introducing her charming collision of raw instrumentation, nervous energy, and confident melodies, marked by the 21-year-old’s ability to communicate a broad range of personality and humanity into concisely catchy tunes. Throughout the EP Sammi Lanzetta‘s dynamic voice darts between soulful, vulnerable and commanding with ease, perfectly complimenting a conversational lyricism that can often go from angry, to humorous, to heartbreaking, all in the space of a single song.

Whilst undoubtedly this is embedded in the world of indie rock the first track Circles carries elements of the energy and spirit of power pop, and Anxiety Olympics carries the same feel, but with the addition of a killer guitar hook and a deadpan vocal delivery. The EP’s title track brings a mellower moment to the EP that is reminiscent of the likes of Mazzy Star and indicates that Sammi Lanzetta has more up her sleeve than upbeat indie rock, further proof of this arrives with the Toothbrush Song that closes the EP with For Avery‘s finest moment, a track that manages to combine overdriven bass and guitars with a deceptively melodic undertone.

With her debut EP Sammi Lanzetta has made more than a promising start to a recording career, For Avery manages to combine the melodic sensibilities of indie with the noisier side of the genre perfectly, and this is achieved without any compromise being given to either side. The For Avery EP is an impressive debut release by anyone’s standards, and it’s one that marks Sammi Lanzetta out as a name that I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more from over the coming years,

Sammi Lanzetta‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can pre-order the For Avery EP via Bandcamp here and on cassette via 6131 Records here