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The Copyrights

Alone In A Dome - Fat Wreck Chords

The Copyrights are back, and pop-punk has just gotten a kick up the backside, with every release, this band clearly love what they do and fully intend to keep doing it as well as they can.

If you are or have been a fan of this genre and maybe like bands such as Blink 182, Teenage Bottle Rocket or Bouncing Souls, then your in safe hands here, The Copyrights might just be that pop-punk band that your looking for to reignite the fire that has fizzled to an ember, with the release of Alone In A Dome via Fat Wreck Chords on October 22nd coming just in time to warm your cockles.

‘Part Of The Landscape’ kicks off this latest power pop album, from the off your struck by how simple yet perfect their sound can be, a sound that gives no apologies for sticking to a time honoured style that will always be easy on the ear, yet what The Copyrights do add to their music is a twist of choppy beats and vocal harmonies that in the likes of ‘Stuck In The Winter’ and ‘Before Midnight’ stand out in the crowd.

Bringing a sense of fun to some of the songs is a trademark of this band, and yes other bands do do this in a much more prominent way, but the subtleness of the comedy within the songs here, is much more tongue in cheek and fits perfectly with all the serious stuff too.  

Getting toward the end of this twelve track snap shot of a genre that has always been the fall back of many punk fans, if not just for the fact that having a lighter party feel to a gig, is my favourite track ‘Brush Off’ if only for the Descendants style bass line that sets it off and its straight forward raw vocal that would be great to here more of from throughout the album, although ‘Enemies’ gives it a run for its money, the addition of the electronic ending was a sublime touch.

All together an album that does exactly what it says on the tin, a band that hit the top five bands in this genre, and nothing more than it should be: pop-punk with an edge!

Head on over to Fat Wreck Chords to purchase in all mediums (vinyl out in January)

The band also has a FACEBOOK page to peruse.