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The Oxys

Generation Irrelevant - Dead Beat Records

This is the Oxys second album and a bit of a miracle too as it turns out, lead singer PunkRock Phil Davies was somewhat close to the other side for a while on the lead up to this album, having spent a good few days in a coma, and boy that’s thankfully a story he’s still around to tell.  

This is a band that rides the bucking bronco when it comes to the down and dirty music they play, grunge? Power Pop? Or just plain and simple Rock n Roll?, well I would say the latter, but this isn’t a competition into who can tag them and bag them, and thank god for that, because music should never be that way.  

So Ten songs (12 if you get the CD version) that throw grenades into a mosh pit, is my verdict, ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ is first up and its like a very early Damned moved into the 21st century, guitars that scream with energy and a vocal that might not have the same Vanien darkness, but its still has the same rawness.  Cracking on to the title track ‘Generation Irrelevant’ you can here how the addition of new rhythm guitarist Genocide has had a positive effect on the sound and wow do you hear it here.

All these songs feel like they’ve been written with the end of the world just around that corner, a need to live your fucking life like its gonna end at any moment, so lets throw all our energy at smashing out some tunes as fast as we can and blow the amps and speaker to kingdom come.  ‘Isolation’ says a whole to about coming out of a pandemic and how it affected so many people, ‘Screaming In Silence’  lyrically and vocally has a Linkin Park feel to it, a sense of despair hangs through the heavy beats and and soaring guitars, a song not to be forgotten in a hurry that’s for sure, and as a huge LP fan I did find this a hard listen.

And it ended as quick as it began, I’d just about got going with the typing and that was that, so needless to say its an absolute blistering album filled with some wicked guitar licks, tub thumping drums, a bass that drives it along relentlessly, and most of all a sense of speeding towards a brick wall without a crash helmet!      

Out on July 21st Via Dead Beat Records

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