Three Days Grace, The Used, Default – Live (Nov. 26th, 2009)

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Three Days Grace, The Used, Default

Live (Nov. 26th, 2009) - Rexall Place - Edmonton, Alberta

I guess its true that with age comes a new found sense of calmness. You’re no longer pissed with the world, calling out for revolutions and change. As you grow older you learn more about the world and generally become much more introspective than before as you examine the internal workings of your world rather than the external.

At least that seems to be the case for Three Days Grace front man Adam Gontier who seems to be much mellower now compared to three years ago when the band last graced Edmonton with a concert. This enabled the front man to be a bit more candid with the audience, being more personal and sincere than ever before as he told more realistic and engaging stories rather than simply shouting “go Edmonton!” (although he still made sure to proclaim his love for the city on a few occasions). This new found world view also seeped into the band’s newer material from Life Starts Now like the title track and Last To Know.

Unfortunately, this calmness is not what you want from an arena rock show starring Three Days Grace. You want it to be a release, you want to be angry, you want to be able to scream alongside the band at the top of your lungs about all the things that are annoying you at that time. The rock band understood this and while the slower, and sometimes acoustic tracks, like World So Cold worked as a nice resting period, it was on tracks like Pain, I Hate (Everything About You), The Good Life and Never Too Late that the band let the crowd really escape and scream every word with Gontier.

And so they kept the energy up, with rising flames sprouting from the stage in Home, a 360 degree drum solo mixed alongside a keyboard solo, a surprising disappearing act where Gontier appeared on the opposite side of the venue to sing Last To Know, and the rousing one-two punch ofRiot before the encore and Animal I Have Become to end the encore. By the end of the night you would have been hard pressed to find anyone who was dissapointed with the night’s performance.

The Used, for their part, never let the energy die as they ripped into their set with Blood On My Hands and played Pretty Handsome Awkward, Best Of Me, All That I’ve Got, Buried Myself Alive, The Taste of Ink and A Box Full Of Sharp Objects among others inciting circle pits and the always enjoyable wall of death. Like most opening bands at Rexall, the sound quality lacked something for The Used‘s set which probably annoyed the portion of the crowd that was there specifically to see them. They were the odd ones out in the lineup, book ended by Three Days Grace and Vancouver’s Default but they still managed to win over most of the crowd.