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Transit Method

Roach - Basement Avatar Records

Roach is a good old fashioned two track seven inch single by Texas based trio Transit Method. They originated in New Jersey with the core of brothers Matt and Mike LoCoco in 2010 before they relocated to the lone star state. This is their first release since their 2014 sophomore album, Celebrate Mutations, and is the first to feature bassist Danny Cruz Borja Jnr. The title track tells a story, the story in question is one about mankind being overrun and consumed by cockroaches, I never said it had a happy ending. The B-Side, Wait To Drown, has more serious subject matter and deals with the impact of he floods and violent storms that struck central Texas.

Transit Method are an odd beast, their sound can’t easily be pigeonholed, the best I can come up with is a Perry Farrell fronted version of Rush. Whilst this is ostensibly a rock single it obviously doesn’t fall into the predictable clichéd pitfalls that so many rock bands fall foul of, they have definitely created their own sound and may even have founded a new genre, Alt-Prog.

Roach can be ordered on vinyl, CD and download here.