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Various Artists

The Only Constant Is Change - Volcolm Entertainment

There are two things wrong with the latest Volcom Entertainment compilation, The Only Constant Is Change. The first is that they start the compilation off with the worst possible song ever. They start it withRise Against‘s Obstructed View, which is an amazing song. So the song ends, and you press back to hear it again. Then it ends again and you press back again. You just can’t stop listening to this amazing song. For me, it took over twenty minutes before I got to the second song. But then again, maybe you’re not a nutcase like me and will be able to move on in the compilation sooner. If you are lucky enough to do that, then you won’t be disappointed. The first disc features great song after great song. They have no pop-punk songs, more harder songs, faster songs, stronger songs. Sure, there are a few emo songs and a few weak songs on it, but they are few and far between so you really don’t notice. There are bands like Authority Zero, Pennywise, Bigwig, A Faith Called Chaos, Strung Out, Break The Silence, Another Damn Disappointment, Turbonegro, and many more; so as you can see, the list is very well known. So you’ve been listening to this CD and the first disc is coming to a end and you’re thinking to yourself “wow, this is good, I wonder what the second disc will hold.”

Now this is where the second mistake is; it is the second disc. It is simply, a weak compilation here. They feature more experimental songs and bands on here, most of the songs seem to be dragged on and on, and there really isn’t much enjoyment in it. Every once in a while I’ll find a good song that I like, but I still find it hard to listen to the entire way through. I personally believe that Volcom should’ve stopped after the first disc

So now, what’s the final verdict on The Only Constant Is Change? Well, I like it; I will listen to the first disc over and over again, but the second will rarely find it’s way into my CD player. Is it worth the money? If you find it for 10 dollars or less, then yes. Hell, I’d pay ten dollars just for the Rise Against track.