Mike Hale – Lives Like These

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Mike Hale was and is part of now defunct punk rock band Gunmoll as well as the alive and well rock band In The Red. All of his work in various genres is always up to an extremely high quality, making Mike Hale one of the most well rounded musicians I can think of. But not only is he an amazing musician in a band, but he’s also one of the best solo acoustic artists in recent memory.Lives Like These is his second solo outing, and damn, is it ever great. Thankfully, with a little persuasion from Suburban Home Records management, Hale agreed to release his new album for free, with the hopes that those who love the album will donate through the website.

edit: I wrote that all last year, I think I my have been a tad overly enthusiastic, but it’s still a good release none the less

Mike HaleLives Like These

Download the Album from Suburban Home Records