Evil Hoof Picnic 3 / Tio Rico

The Evil Hoof Picnic is set to return for a third year, the annual punk rock event is hosted by two independent promoters, Evil Music and Horn & Hoof Records, and features local and national punk and ska bands. The Evil Hoof Picnic boasts an impressive line up that includes AVAS, Clayface, Early Mojo, Eat Defeat, The Kimberley Steaks, Nosebleed, Only Strangers, Pat Butcher, Rites Of Hadda, Don Blake, The Mighty Bossmags and Tio Rico. Ahead of this years Evil Hoof Picnic we caught up with Scott Bradley from Tio Rico and Horn And Hoof Records to find out exactly what to expect from this urban punks picnic.

To start with, What is the Evil Hoof Picnic?

The Evil Hoof picnic is a most excellent day of music held at Gulliver’s in Manchester on July 20th, a collaboration between Horn & Hoof Records and Evil Music, we have 12 bands encompassing all genres and subgenres of punk.

This is the third year of the Evil Hoof Picnic , what have the previous years been like?

They’ve been great, like so many punk gigs in Manchester it has a really friendly all welcoming vibe, its hard work organising it all and making sure everything runs smoothly on the night, and bands pulling out a month before hand doesn’t help things, but in the end it’s all worth it.

What can we expect from this year’s Evil Hoof Picnic?

A range of awesome bands, we’ve got punk, pop-punk, grunge, garage rock, hardcore and everything in between, so expect that, along with smiling friendly people on the door and lots of beer.

Who will be appearing at the Evil Hoof Picnic?

We have a right line-up, including the fantastic Eat Defeat and Kimberley Steaks, Rites OF Hadda will be bringing their dark grooves up from London for the first time, we have the return of Clayface, Nosebleed and Tio Rico as well as some hardcore form AVAS and some excellent skate punk from Early Mojo

You’re playing with your band Tio Rico, what can we expect to hear?

We’ll be playing our two latest singles unfledged and Newspeak for sure, along with a couple of older ones from our first EP and some taken from our upcoming album which we have very nearly, almost finished….

If you could pick one band to appear at the Evil Hoof Picnic who wouldit be?

I tried to get Consumed last year but timing wise it didn’t work, id really like to try and get As Friends Rust, I was talking to them earlier in the year so maybe if they do a tour they can shoehorn us in next year.

What makes the Evil Hoof Picnic special for you?

It’s basically our “Big gig” that we put a lot of planning in to, more so than the usual 3 months for our normal gigs, so when it all comes off it’s a nice feeling.

Do you have a favourite memory from a previous Evil Hoof Picnic?

Singing along to “Surrounded by idiots” as Vanilla Pod blasted it out, I’m so glad we managed to get them on before they split up.

It looks like a long day, do you have any survival tips?

Well sadly I’ll be driving so it’s just a case of making sure I don’t drink more than a couple of pints which will be a struggle in itself. But for everyone else i’d say, just take it easy and don’t peak too early

Are there any post picnic events or the day long enough?

Nah that’s it, just the long day, maybe we’ll spin a few tunes at the end if enough people are loitering around.

Is there anything else you’d recommend people experience whilst they’re in town?

In the town? – if you’re making a weekend of it and are new to the area then check out Affleck’s Palace just up the road from Gulliver’s, also the Richard Goodall Gallery on Edge street is pretty cool, they have some awesome movie poster prints for sale and obviously there are loads of great places to eat around the Northern Quarter

Will the picnic be returning in 2020?


Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we’ll see you at the Evil Hoof Picnic

The Evil Hoof Picnic 3 will take place at Gullivers in Manchester, UK on July 20th 2019 and tickets can be purchased here

The Evil Hoof Picnic‘s playlist can be found on Spotify here and Deezer here

The Facebook event page for the Evil Hoof Picnic is here