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Gallows Bound - Gallows Bound

  • May 11, 2019
  • E-mail - Pouzza Fest

As we inch close to Pouzza Fest 9 this weekend in Montreal, we continue talking to bands about what to expect, how to prepare, and the best food combinations they can think of.

Today we chat with Winchester, VA’s Gallows Bound to see what’s on their plate for the weekend.

Who are you excited to see the most?

Against Me!, Iron Reagan, Rules, Pears, Bad Cop/Bad Cop

Gallows BoundDo you treat a performance at a festival like Pouzza just as any other show? Or do you add in something special or prepare in any different way?

We try and make every performance our best, no matter where we are. For Pouzza our prep will be consuming a half dozen Tim Hortons honey crullers, slappin’ on a sick set of shades, light calisthenics while drinking beers, that kind of stuff.

What makes Pouzza Fest stand out to you among all the other festivals out there?

Have you eaten Pouzza yet or do you plan to at the festival?

We love the broad genres of bands and the schedule that makes it possible to see a lot of great bands. Aaron is already planning his strategy on eating more Pouzza than all of us combined.

Pouzza is, of course, pizza and poutine combined.  If you could combine any two fast food delicacies – what would you combine and why?

It would be pretty rad to see Taco Bell’s dollar menu cheesy bean and rice burritos breaded and deep fried like KFC chicken. Also..curly fry chalupas.

Pouzza takes place over three days, across multiple venues in the blistering heat of Montreal. Do you have any advice for festival goers? What should they do to enjoy the festivities the best that they can?

Show up and party, everything will be just fine. And remember it’s a marathon, not a race.

Pouzza has a bunch of extracurricular activities. Pouzza Bambino for kids, the barbecue at Foufones, the baseball tournament, Yoga For Punks. Will you be partaking in any of the non-musical activities?

Gallows BoundJordan will be participating in POUZZA TALKS:Women In The Scene on Friday at 3pm & we are excited for that. We will also be at the Acoustic BBQ.

If you could add some non-musical extra to a festival like this, what would you add?

Pouzza eating contest, pogo stick race, demolition derby.

What is your favourite music festival memory, be it Pouzza or otherwise?

Jesse & Justin once went to a hippie festival called Rainbow Gathering. One night their entire camp got wasted and started running through the woods with sticks playing Vietnam. They ran through other people’s camps sites screaming quotes from Forrest Gump and harshing everyone’s vibes.