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Tokyo Taboo

  • 4th October 2019
  • Butlins Skegness

Tokyo Taboo released there 2nd single “Whiskey” on the 4th Oct, following up from their 1st Studio album 6th Street Psychosis (2017) and the single “No Pleasure Only Pain” (2018).

So taking the opportunity whilst they were on the line up to play at Butlins Skegness on The Introducing stage on the day of the release of “Whiskey”, it was only fitting that we took the time to ask a few questions about the single and a little more info on there brilliant live stage show.

After a long drive up to Skegness they took to the stage in front front of a packed Big Top, being the last band of the day on this stage was not to be off putting at all for them, lets just say they smashed it and came out overall winners of the audience vote and will play the main stage next year. Dolly showing her amazing vocal and pole dancing gymnastics, accompanied by a rock guitar masterclass from Mickey Danger.

Having to go on to catch the 1st main stage bands of the night, I was unsure as to whether or not this interview could still happen, but after getting out of pack arena’s where Anti-Nowhere League and The Blue Carpet Band gave full sets, I wandered back toward the Merchandise stall for the introducing stage to find Dolly still chatting to fans taking selfies and selling merch, bearing in mind this was around 2 hours later!.  Dolly still in her stage outfit, 8” heels and leotard and Mickey trying to pack away for the long drive back. Dolly even after all this was happy to give me the time to quickly have a chat and ask my hurriedly scribbled down (not so Professional) Questions.

“Whiskey” So how long ago and why was this was this written?

So let me think, we started writing that song probably around January last year, you know how everything thing can get a bit blurry when you’re so busy. 

It was written after we did a gig in Camden at which I got very drunk and the next day I was quite literally curled up in a ball on a massive low from the night before

So was that the moment that maybe you realised things needed to change?

It was that night that I wrote the song about. I was drinking myself to oblivion and I was so unhappy that night.  Some of my thoughts were really scary and dark.

Now after a year of no alcohol at all, yes I still get those highs and lows during and after gigs, but these are so much more controlled. My energy levels are so much better and the singing has improved too. Looking back at footage from the times when I was performing drunk, you realise how you used to say things when your drunk and even do things that you maybe cringe at now, but I can look back at footage now and feel much happier about what I’m doing and saying.

I am so much more focused on the Pole side of the performance and I can watch back and make more informed decisions on how I can improve, there was no way I could pole dance drunk so there’s no way of me downing shots before hitting the stage now!. I am so proud of this song!

That leads me on to the next question, The Pole Dance, where did this come from and how did it make its way into the show?

After I stopped drinking the high from running really helped me.  I knew that if I stayed up late drinking I wouldn’t be able to run the next morning.  I started to take better care of myself so that I could achieve my fitness goals.  I first started running and was very focused on beating my times and got to the level that I ran 2 marathons and the pole became this other way of building up  the fitness and getting a buzz and a ‘pole high’  So I started thinking how can I get something into the performance like the pole, so no now I have the best of both worlds, Fitness and adrenaline highs with visual theatrical performances I’m happy with.  I get to do what I love every night.

Can I ask you about some of the negative comments that have been pushed your way about the pole dance, it has been said by very few that maybe this is just a gimmick and that its a performance for dirty old men to watch, is this something that bothers you?

No those kind of comments don’t even bother me at all, because the people that really know me know that I give everything to the pole performance and train really hard, it’s all about the show and the artistic imagery that adds and extra dimension to to band. Some people might come to a show and not really understand why we do this and some see the whole package and love it!  After all this is our band, we put all our time, money and effort into it, it’s up to us how we perform on stage.  The pole side of our performance is definitely not going anywhere as its part of me and how I express myself .  Its a symbol of strength and keeps me focused and goals orientated.  My end goal is to compete in pole competitions.  But we’ve still a way to go before that!.

Album number 2, is there anything recorded or in the pipeline?

Well we do have lots of recordings set down and “Whiskey” is out there.  This month we shoot the video for our third single then we start promoting that heavily.  Then the same with single 4 & 5.

 Any idea of timeline for another album?  I can’t possibly comment on that one just yet *said with a smile* but with all the touring and promoting going on, maybe time has just been against us on this one, we did have a pledge campaign until the whole pledge thing blew up, this was a big kick in face for us and slowed us down, so we don’t want to rush off and throw something out that just doesn’t live up to our standards just for the sake of releasing something.

Anime or Manga?  (had to be asked)


Any plans to actually play Japan or Tokyo?

We have talked to people about getting some thing lined up, but as they have pointed out there isn’t really a big gig scene going on over there except for huge stadium bands. Theres no real underground scene. But we definitely still want to go there!

Question to Mickey (Who is still frantically packing away)

Your guitar influence, I get such a strong vibe of Tom Morello of AudioSlave, Rage Against The Machine fame to name but a few, is this just me or is this a thing?

Absolutely yes, very well spotted, kinda my one pedal lends it self to this exactly…

Thank you so much Dolly and a little input from Mickey for putting up with my very weird style of talking to much when I should be just listening way of interviewing..


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