14 Bands Combine on New Bomb Turks Tribute Album

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No Heroes, No Leaders, No Artists, No Gods: A Tribute to The New Bomb TurksWhat started out originally as a far fetched idea from Ardo of Estonia’s Dead Furies has become a reality as he succesfully combined 14 bands for a brand new New Bomb Turks tribute album.  Featuring bands from across Europe and North America (although, with only one American and one Canadian band, it’s safe to say this is a predominantly European release), the album showcases a wide range of up and coming bands paying tribute to the Turks.

The album, called No Heroes No Leaders No Artists No Gods, was released through a trio of record labels: Estonia’s Dragstrip Riot Records, Spain’s Ghost Highway Recordings and America’s Spaghetty Town Records. Every label released a different limited colored vinyl and also the regular black version. 

Listen to the album here.

No Heroes, No Leaders, No Artists, No Gods: A Tribute to The New Bomb Turks


  1. Professional Againsters “Bolan’s Crash” (Sweden)
  2. Deadheads “Quarter To  Four” (Sweden)
  3. “DEMONS” “Pretty Lightening” (Sweden)
  4. The Boatsmen “Wine and Depression” (Sweden)
  5. Acid’s Trip “Snap Decision” (Sweden)
  6. The Chuck Norris Experiment “End Of The Great Credibility Race” (Sweden)
  7. The Hip Priests “Jukebox Lean” (England)
  8. Dead Furies “Your Beaten Heart” (Estonia)
  9. Scumbag Millionaire “Tryin’ To Get By” (Sweden)
  10. The Drippers “Hammerless Nail” (Sweden)
  11. Jonesy “Jeers Of A Clown” (Canada)
  12. Killer Hearts “Spanish Fly By Night” (United States)
  13. Randy Savages “We Give A Rat’s Ass” (England)
  14. The Hellacopters “Veronica Lake” (Sweden)