7Seconds Re-Issue 1984’s “The Crew”

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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7Seconds - The CrewBringing the classic 1980s punk scene to the modern era, Trust Records have announced plans to re-issue the seminal punk album The Crew by 7Seconds

Originally released in 1984 via BYO Records, the album powered through 18 legendary songs in just twenty minutes and became a staple record from that era. The progressive album was ahead of it’s time, tackling racism, homophobia, and sexism with songs such as “Not Just Boys Fun”, “Colourblind”, and “I Have A Dream.”

The Deluxe Reissue will be available on vinyl and, for the first time ever, on all digital streaming platforms on June 25th. The audio has been remastered from the original analog tapes by producer David Gardner, who previously remastered the entire Bad Brains’ back catalog. On top of the remastered audio, it  will also be repackaged as a gatefold and features a beautiful 20-page, full-color book on the oral history of the band from inception, through the making of The Crew. It also includes insights and anecdotes from the likes of Ian MacKaye, Jello Biafra, Keith Morris, Damian Abraham, Brian Baker, Fat Mike, Roger Miret, BYO founders Mark and Sean Stern and many others. 

The album can be pre-ordered here while the re-mastered audio of Young Till I Die can be heard below.  Legendary front man Kevin Seconds recalled writing the song back in 1983 saying:  I was working at a casino and I remember writing the lyrics on the back of a Keno ticket. I was working this eight-hour shift as the guy that gave change out to people playing slot machines. The worst, most depressing job. The only thing that saved me was I was constantly writing lyrics on the back of these Keno tickets”.