Action/Adventure Cover Taylor Swift’s “The Last Great American Dynasty”

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Chicago’s Action/Adventure have released another cover, this time it’s Taylor Swift. “Folklore was one of the biggest albums of 2020, and I got pretty fixated on a few songs from it- “The Last Great American Dynasty” was one of them.” says guitarist Oren Trace.  “It was a tough sell for the rest of of the band, but once we laid down a riff that fit the intro, the rest came together pretty quickly, and we ended up with an arrangement that everyone was stoked about.” 

Action/Adventure is the pop-punk band you didn’t know you needed. The dynamic five-piece are all multi-instrumentalists who have been playing together for nearly a decade. Comprised solely of BIPOC, their mission is to create #PopPunkInColor and ensure pop-punk is a genre where everyone is represented on and off stage. Typically landing somewhere near melodic hardcore, Action/Adventure collectively write music that slides along the vast spectrum of pop-punk. Poppy lyrics and melodies bring an air of familiarity that are simultaneously bringing a fresh perspective through a new lens and gripping riffs and thrashing breakdowns that you can nod your head to.