Alcopop! Records Launch 50% On Sale In Support Of Music Venue Trust

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Alcopop! Records are holding a #ValueMusic 50% ON sale for this year’s Black Friday, 26th November 2021. It’s a simple concept: rather than slashing prices, the label has announced a 50% additional increase in prices for the day on vinyl, CDs, merch and more from their official store, with all extra profit going to the Music Venue Trust. Very much about celebrating the value of music, rather than knocking those who enjoy Black Friday culture, the label will be incentivising generous purchases by including ad hoc “surprise and delight” gifts on random orders including never previously available Pulled Apart By HorsesFirst World Problems cassette tapes, signed The Subways 7″ test pressings, Johnny Foreigner pressing plates and sold out Dream Nails merch are just some of the exclusive prizes which will be shipped out at random to customers who get involved.

“Contemporary alternative music should not be a commodity to be sold off at a heavily discounted fee to bargain hunters. Rather than slash prices, here at Alcopop! Records we’ll be adding 50% on to all of our prices for the day (e.g. a £20 vinyl becomes £30), with the plan to give all profits raised to the Music Venue Trust, who have been doing vital work over the past 18 months to keep our independent live music ecosystem alive and well. By creating an incongruous ‘moment’ amongst the usual desperate savings scrum, we’re hoping to highlight how hard it currently is for musicians in this climate.” (label boss Jack Clothier)

You can visit Alcopop! Records here