American Standards Release “The Vagrant” From “Dopamine Dealer” EP

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Phoenix, AZ hardcore punk band American Standards have released their new single, The Vagrant that is part of a series of singles that collectively make up the Dopamine Dealer EP. With aggressive instrumentals and defiant vocals, the energetic track is delivered with an urgency to match the intensity of bands like Turnstile, Refused, Snapcase, Deadguy and Knocked Loose.

America Standards

“This song is a message to the fame chasers. The insincere and the the uninspired. You’ve taken the first step. That’s always the hardest. Now use that motivation to make it count. It’s better to fail at being different than to succeed at being the same.” (singer Brandon Kellum)

America Standards

The Dopamine Dealer EP is out now via Manic Kat Records and is available via streaming platforms and Bandcamp.