Andy B & The World Release ‘The First One’

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Andy B & The World have united some of the finest DIY punk bands across the world for “The First One” charity album, the band is comprised of 172-Musicians from across the globe, including members of RX Bandits, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, [Spunge], Zebrahead, Hayseed Dixie, Ten Foot Pole, Bracket, MC Lars, Suburban Legends, Death By Stereo and Call Me Malcolm, all of whom are sharing the limelight on the same songs as musicians just starting out on their journey, and everyone in-between, with everyone treated as equals. Lyrically, the album is a commentary on life today vocalised by combined voices from across the globe, raising money for charities that help the homeless and the disadvantaged get into music, whilst promoting ambition and unity.

The First One” is now available via Pookout Records and Bandcamp