Art Brut Announce “International Art Brut Day” & Share Rare B-Side “These Animal Menswear”

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Art Brut and Alcopop! Records have announced that from this day hence the 27th October of each year will forevermore be International Art Brut Day. Every year on this sacred occasion, the band’s seminal debut album, Bang Bang Rock & Roll, will be made available for free to everyone on Bandcamp to download, and the label will be hiding some vinyl around the internet for keen eyed heroes, too. Pre-pandemic, the band reissued Bang Bang Rock & Roll on Alcopop! Records and Fierce Panda Records for its 15th anniversary in April 2020, the reissue was flanked by a clutch of German shows to celebrate, before a little thing called COVID derailed their planned UK release party.

Art Brut

Now, 17 years since it first saw the light of day, way back when in 2005, all of the album tracks have been remastered and are sounding even better than before, and the band will be playing Bang Bang Rock & Roll in full (with assorted greatest hits) at Heaven, London on 27th October 2022. To celebrate the news, the band have released their rare 2005 B-side, These Animal Menswear, for the first time as a digital single.

To mark the inauguration of this special event, 20 years to the day that I wrote ‘Art Brut Top of the Pops’ for the first time in the guestbook of the Halle Saint-Pierre Museum on a trip to Paris for my birthday, we’ll be donating a copy of the seminal Art Burt album to that seminal Art Brut museum, too. The place it undoubtedly belongs for the ages. In these troubled times, there should be no one with an active internet connection who doesn’t have free access to owning Bang Bang Rock & Roll! With love from Art Brut.” (frontman Eddie Argos)