Australia’s Speed Pack A Punch On New Single “Move”

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Today, Australian hardcore band Speed have shared their new single, Move. The track hits hard out the gate, accentuated by Jem’s tough as nails vocal delivery and a powerful mix of guitars. Move reaches an insane breaking point at 1:45, as the band basically entices the listener to mosh. The song follows Not That Nice as the second taste of their upcoming EP, Gang Called Speed, that will be released on June 24th via Flatspot Records and Last Ride Records. The six songs on the EP are centered around recognizing who you are in this world, taking ownership of that identity and not letting anyone tell you otherwise. 

“MOVE is about seeking yourself in life and embracing that journey unapologetically. It’s about accepting the diversity in human experiences and challenging yourself to grow with the people around you, no matter how different we may be. Cus really.. that is the essence of what makes this world beautiful. 8 billion people on this rock… not everyone’s gonna walk the same path, paint the same story or share the same vision. Keep breaking molds and chasing the clearest version of yourself that you aspire to. Those standing still and casting stones will just get left behind…” (vocalist Jem)

You can stream Move here and Gang Called Speed is available for vinyl pre-order through Flatspot Records in the US and Last Ride Records in Australia.