Berries Release New Single “Wall Of Noise”

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Grappling with themes of insecurity and isolation, the Berries gritty new track combines tight instrumentation with jagged riff-roaring melodies. Calculated and convulsive in equal measure, Wall of Noise comes as a taste of the band’s debut album, which is expected for release this Summer. Chewing through twangy vocals, angular guitar lines and a guttural garage-grunge feel, Berries cultivate a craggy landscape of layered noise-rock that is evocative of the “noise” that so many of us constantly find pervading our own thoughts. Whilst its lyricism might deal with notions of self-doubt, the track marks a clear, confident and calculated next step in the band’s development. 

“Lyrically the song gives a nod to how self-doubt and how solitude can heighten and affect these feelings. Feeling lost or confused can produce the noisiest thoughts in your mind and that’s what we wanted to convey in this song.” 

You can stream Wall Of Noise here