Blag Dahlia Shares “Lolita Goodbye” Video From “Introducing Ralph Champagne” Album

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Legendary Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia has just released Introducing Ralph Champagne digitally with vinyl following on October 21st via MVD Entertainment. Whereas the Dwarves have long been revered for in-your-face, defiantly non-PC punk rock and garage thrash, Ralph Champagne introduces an infectious brand of retro Americana and outlaw country style that you and your most embarrassing friends can celebrate even with everybody watching. 

Ralph Champagne embodies the lovably shady crooner, serving up catchy melodies and off color lyrics with a rakish smile and ad libs worthy of the late late show. Blag Dahlia has also shared the video for Lolita Goodbye and on October 11th Blag Dahlia will also release his new novel, Highland Falls, via Rare Bird Lit

“The problem was, I just wasn’t talented enough to do any other types of music so I didn’t know where I fit in because I loved music and I had heard a ton of different types of shit. Then… I heard the Ramones and that was it. It was like, ‘I can do this. I understand this.’ And I never looked back. Punk rock saved my life because I needed music and I couldn’t really do the real sophisticated shit that I came across. What’s funny is that, after years of doing punk rock, I’ve figured out ways to make it more and more complex, stranger and stranger, and more sophisticated.”