Bloodhound Return With “A Message”

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Two years can be a long time; two years is a long time. Two years ago, Bloodhound had just released their debut album, Fragile Skeleton, and toured it up and down the country with like-minded brethren Faux Pas and Brooders, and we we all know what happened next. Bloodhound have now returned with their new single and video, A Message.The song is about completely shutting down and being enclosed in your own mind. About considering nothing but your own thoughts. About pushing people away but not knowing why. The colossal chorus teams with an overriding theme of haunt and melancholy all heavily influenced, as the band readily agree, by early noughties post-punk and shoegaze.

Interpol was our main influence. We wanted a jarring guitar line that sat underneath a dark, despondent melody and an atmosphere that consumes the listener. The chords for the chorus came from a demo written about four years ago. Max wanted to throw the song away, but Bex convinced him to keep the chorus and recycle it into what became A Message. Most of the song was written before the first album came out, so we felt it was ideal to be the first release back after two years away. It’s short and to the point with plenty of melancholy and a hard-hitting chorus. It’s been a hell of a long journey to get here, we’ve been through thick and thin over the last two years – loss, setbacks, arguments, break ups, turmoil – so there’s a lot for us to let out. It’s the most explosive way for us to return.

You can stream A Message and check out all things Bloodhound here