Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits Launch Kickstarter For “Solar Cantata” Album

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The satiric musical duo Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits have announced the forthcoming release of their first studio album in 12 years, apocalyptic twenty song concept album Solar Cantata. Pre-sales for this album, both as a double vinyl LP with lavish artwork and as a digital download, are available through a Kickstartecampaign. Since their inception in 1995, the band has infected the hearts and minds of thousands of audiences, with an unforgettable combination of scathing social satire, contagious songwriting, intense and unpredictable performances and poop jokes. Whether appearing as a full band, or just a guitar and two voices, Corbett Redford and Dan Abbott toured relentlessly through the underground music and comedy world, winning over crowds in the United States and beyond, and gaining a reputation for their prolific output in various media, including albums, books and hilarious music videos. Redford also directed and produced Turn it Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk, the award-winning 2017 documentary about the underground music scene that spawned Green DayAFI and Rancid.

Bobby Joe Ebola

On unofficial hiatus since 2015, Abbott & Redford have spent the last year planning, organizing and recording Solar Cantata, their first full-length studio effort since 2012’s Trainwreck To Narnia. The new album features a cast of over 50 musicians playing in a wide variety of styles, from bluegrass through punk, folk, big band and fist-pumping rock ’n roll. Song themes range from the unceasing stream of horrors that is current events to puerile fart jokes, from alienation and madness to the indignities of old age, and the end of the world. And as might be expected, the lyrics drip with caustic social satire, bleak earnestness, and vivid, hilarious storytelling. Solar Cantata’s art features a cover designed by punk Surrealist and collage artist Winston Smith, known for designing the Dead Kennedys logo and album covers for Jello BiafraGeorge CarlinGreen Day and Ben Harper, and for shaping the visual aesthetic of punk with his subversive, satiric collage art.