Brainflakes To Release ‘Someone, Somewhere’ EP

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Sometimes, the simplest truth is the most sincere. For Brendon Crave, aka Brainflakes, that may be said about his motivation to play music: he does it because he feels called to it. Cutting his teeth in the Rockford, IL DIY scene, the young musician found punk, emo and indie music as a way to express himself. After years of playing in different bands and moving to Salt Lake City, Crave decided to focus on his own songwriting. In 2019, he recorded “Someone, Somewhere” a short, yet concise collection of four emo-punk tracks to be released on cassette come November. Each track is vulnerable but intelligent and wavers between quiet moments of introspection and angst-filled power chords – like traversing universes from Evan Weiss to Chuck Ragan. “Someone, Somewhere” will be released on November 1st on Hidden Home Records and the EP can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp here.