Cape Town’s West Coast Wolves Reveal New Single & Video “Factory Of Bones”

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Cape Town’s folk-punk, surf-rock collective West Coast Wolves have released their new single, Factory of Bones, along with an accompanying video. The track is the lead single from their upcoming debut full length, Don’t Forget to Howl, which will be out later this year via Mongrel Records. Vocalist and guitarist Galen Hossack took inspiration for the lyrics from World War II In Colour and a documentary on the Vietnam war, “In particular, the fear which soldiers must have felt, the lack of understanding on what they were fighting for, the longing for their home, family and friends and at times even being forced to fight against them, must have been overwhelming.” He explains. 

Guitarist and banjo player Pete Grey rocked up to a West Coast Wolves rehearsal with the epic Factory of Bones acoustic guitar riff. His inspiration came from two places, he comments “firstly the Man of Constant Sorrow rendition in the ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’, and secondly a song written by Satanic Dagga Orgy [JHB] I heard when they played in Cape Town. Both songs are driven by strong vocal melodies and acoustic guitar”. The cinematic video was shot and directed by their friend and renowned cinematographer Grant “Apples” Appleton

West Coast Wolves Press May 22

“We drove up on a Friday night knowing we only had one day to create, practice, and shoot the one shot. We would be shooting the real shot at dusk when the lighting was right and to top it off, the camera gear, which Apples had to carry with his arms stretched out and walk backwards with, was so heavy we only had 3 attempts to get it right. After setting up, timing, and practicing the shot all day (which was a lot of fun), the first attempt was decent, but the lighting hadn’t reached golden hour and Apples said some framing wasn’t ideal. The second take was almost perfect except for Galen’s walking blooper and Pete singing his backing vox out of time. Then the final take! When Galen threw the air rifle, it hit Brandon “Slim” Shore who was holding the playback speaker and helping Apples walk backwards, and it turned off playback of FOB. Abruptly ending the 3rd and final failed attempt. The disappointment in our small crew of underpaid film makers was palpable. Apples said he had maybe one more take left in him. Shaking from exhaustion Apples mustered up the strength and determination to attempt a 4th take, and that is the final video you see. The final take, at the very last moment of light, with the very last scrap of Apples’ strength. Except, there is a funny story which we will reveal one day about the Angel in the bar…”

You can stream Factory Of Bones here