CorpoRAT Records Release ‘Stop Making Cents’ Compilation

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Patterned after label compilations that were made popular in the late 90s by labels like Fat Wreck Chords, Epitaph Records, Hopeless Records and others, “Stop Making Cents” features previously released tracks as well as previously unreleased tracks, brand new songs from forthcoming releases and demos from the CorpoRAT Records roster. The compilation now available on physical formats and via digital service providers.
Stop Making Cents” can be purchased via CorpoRAT Records here
You can read a quote from label founder Kris Martin below

“This label is meant to be a home. A place for those of us who never forgot the feeling of comfort, that discovering new music brings. That instant connection when notes, noises, harmonies and lyrics connect with us. That moment you know they will forever hold space in your life. With every listen, you’re transported back to specific places in time. When you put on headphones to mute out all of life’s problems that you don’t have the tools to fix, and just need to escape.  I wanted to empower musicians in my community to have a chance to do things with their art & music, that a lot of places don’t seem to nurture. To enable them to transmit their music as far as it can reach, and to as many people as possible. To give anyone who will listen, the opportunity to let music become your best friend. Music has kept me alive and I want to give back to those that feel the same way. It hasn’t let me down so far and I truly hope you hear or discover something you needed to.” Kris Martin