Cosmic Ninja Stream “Lies” From Upcoming “Dissident Transmission” EP

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Bristol, UK electro-punks Cosmic Ninja have announced that their forthcoming EP, Dissident Transmission, will be released on the 8th April, as a taster the band are now streaming the EP’s lead single, Lies, via all good digital service providers. Leading the charge into 2022 for politically-vocal, queer, alternative artists this proudly queer-fronted four-piece deliver a fusion of rock, alternative and electronic sounds that is balanced with a punk-edged, hardcore energy, this soundtrack is driven by the weighty political messages that threads throughout their music.

“‘Lies’ is about the dishonesty and corruption rife in UK politics. The endless lies and lack of integrity has reached an extreme level, we are fearful of the consequences and the damage it is doing to society. Politics has lost sight of trying to make a better place for everyone and, instead, those with influence climb to the top and pull up the ladder by any means necessary. In most lines of work, you would be held accountable for lies, but, for politicians, it seems acceptable practice; a tool that is extremely effective in misleading and wrongly influencing public opinion. This song is about calling out those lies, seeing through the misconception and positively challenging those walking blindly through corruption.”

You can stream Lies here