Dan Andriano & The Bygones Release New Single & Video ‘Sea Level’

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Multifaceted singer-songwriter Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio / Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room / The Damned Things) is a man of many talents and a vast array of influences ranging from melodic punk to americana. Andriano has now released his new single and video, Sea Level, with his new band, Dan Andriano & The Bygones, that features Dylan and Randy Moore of Get Married.

“I think for me, the song is about self-realization and mental illness, finding your way to where the help is. I recently had my first taste of elevation sickness being higher up in the Rockies than I’d ever been. As we were boarding the flight home I thought aloud to my wife, ‘Just get me back to sea level’. By the time I had found my seat, I was thinking to myself, that’s not a bad metaphor for what I’ve been searching for mentally, which is a better awareness of myself and trying to identify sooner when I’m spinning out or sinking down.” 

Sea Level is out now on digital platforms here