David Boring To Issue Remastered Version Of Debut Album

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Originally released in April 2017, “Unnatural Objects and Their Humans” is the debut album of Hong Kong band David Boring. The album is structured to tell a sequence of stories representing the oppressed young humans in this slowly decaying modern world, it builds on three main arcs, ‘The Machine‘, ‘Unnatural Objects‘ and ‘Their Humans‘, that intertwine to form a 12-act piece that paints a violently nihilistic picture, mapping the band’s intricate psyche in response to the gentle malice of the modern world. Now Damnably are set to release a new edition of the album on June 19th 2020 with an updated track list especially for vinyl, “Unnatural Objects and Their Humans” was remastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Services.

Unnatural Objects and Their Humans” can be pre-ordered here