Dead Bundy Reveal New Single “A Stupid State Of Mind”

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Cleveland throwback pop punk pranksters, Dead Bundy, have released the sparkling and somehow refreshingly nostalgic new single, Stupid State of Mind, via InVogue Records, the track is taken from the Not Sorry (Deluxe Edition) that will be released on March 25th. Imagine if the American Pie soundtrack was actually an artist, because that’s what Dead Bundy is proving with this release.

If Blink-182 and Sum 41 had a baby, the baby would be named Dead BundyStupid State of Mind has inherited all of the laughs and hooks from their heroes, and is swinging for the fences. Let’s just hope they don’t get caught with their pants down, because Dead Bundy are ready to party and soar on the back of bald eagles.

You can stream A Stupid State Of Mind here