Dead Freights Reveal “Bat Man” Video & Announce UK Tour With The Libertines

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Dead Freights have revealed Bat Man, their brand-new video that follows the release of the live recording direct to their fans. The video release marks their multi-album signing with The LibertinesGary Powell and his revamped 25 Hour Records imprint, this coincides with the quartet announcing that they will be joining The Libertines on their UK tour next month. The self-produced video sees frontman Charlie James being chased through the back alleys of their hometown Southampton, sidewinding amidst the town’s urban decay, building to a climax that sees Charlie on his knees and seemingly submitting to his aggressor. Behind the visuals plays the band’s live recording of Bat Man, that was recorded at The Albion Rooms studio and produced by Powell.

Dig beneath their cartoonish punk reincarnation of the original super hero theme tune and you find Dead Freights frontman and lyricist addressing themes not previously associated with his witty street poetry, and a scathing address to institutional thuggery and corporate violence. The video plays out the story of that night in Southampton, but the allegory hits terminal velocity as a baseball bat wielding POV looks to the sky to see the iconic Bat symbol containing the message “EAT THE RICH” 

“One night on my way home from the pub I got chased by a guy with a baseball bat, he was off his head and told me he was Bat Man. I joked to the boys the next day that the only difference between this guy and the real thing was a few quid in the bank and an expensive suit, it occurred to me that Batman is just another billionaire that can live above the law, use violence cause he’s got that moral authority that comes with power. Look at what’s going on here with the police, look at some of these celebrity business owners trying to fly to the moon whilst their employees can’t even leave the line to take a piss without being fired, it’s kinda hard to ignore that so many of us are running scared right now. We’re not a political band but I wanna write about what I see, what makes me angry, what makes me laugh. Vulnerable people are suffering and you can’t ignore that, but we always wanna do it with music that nods and winks at you, not sure you can do that better than with a track inspired by the Bat Man theme tune. We’re probably not allowed to use it without making the wealthy Hollywood estate some money by the way, so that’s just another layer of irony for you to pop in your pipe.’

You can view Dead Freights tour dates with The Libertines and purchase tickets here