Delivery Reveal “Poor To Middling Moneymaking” Video Ahead Of UK & EU Tour

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Melbourne’s upcoming garage-punks, Delivery have released their new single, Poor To Middling Moneymaking, that is taken from their debut album, Forever Giving Handshakes, that will see a UK release on May 19th via Anti-Fade Records, Spoilsport Records and Feel It Records. Known as the very first song that Delivery pieced together in the lockdown of 2020, Poor To Middling Moneymaking mixes fast-paced, spiky, angular garage riffs with laser tight drumming and driving catchy melodies, making it a live-show fave.

“A funny thing about Poor To Middling is that you can kinda hear us trialling out a bunch of different ideas for what the band might sound like – straight rhythmic ideas and then constantly shifting chord progressions, shouty vocals crossed with more melodic hooks, weird time signatures and plenty of random quirks that we never got rid of. We released a demo version of this track before we’d even fully committed to starting a new band – I guess releasing it ended up being a bit of a confidence boost though because Delivery’s dynamic didn’t change too much from there. It is funny thinking back that we were probably just throwing stuff at the wall to see what would stick, and in the end, the majority of it somehow stuck, ha-ha! I’m not a very grumpy person, but maybe the turbo music made me want to rant a bit because I say a whole lot of shit in this song. It’s a bit confusing and contradictory, but I like that – it’s equally about how I think it’s sorta stupid to view creativity as some kind of magic thing that happens without any genuine effort, but it’s also about how someone’s creativity can sorta be dredged in the name of business. I guess neither are really that evil – I just think making things can be cool, and sometimes that’s all it needs to be. But then again, money is also good… and the contradictions continue.” (singer James Lynch)


The track highlights creativity versus conventional work alongside obvious financial pains that affect us all. Something that every band has in common at the very beginning with the realisation of commodifying creativity to sell a product. Following the introduction of the synth-punk single Baader MeinhoffPoor To Middling Moneymaking is the second single to be release from Delivery‘s debut album Forever Giving Handshakes, a twelve track garage-punk opus with five distinct voices simultaneously pulling songs in different directions.


The band will be heading to the UK & EU for their debut European tour this May, where maybe, you could even play live onstage with them. Delivery have put out a request to find guest saxophone players to join them on stage at each date in Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, London, and Brighton. If you can blow a reed and would like to join the band on stage to help, then get in touch with them on Instagram.