Detroit’s The Antibuddies Reveal New Album “That’s What I Said”

Detroit, MI’s The Antibuddies have released their brand new album, That’s What I Said, as a name your price download via Bandcamp and through streaming platforms. The band aimed for their third release to be a synthesis of feminist punk and crunchy grunge. The songs call out problems in the local music scene, celebrate rough-edged feminism and explore how DIY punk virtues can apply to life. That’s What I Said was recorded in a hot warehouse near Detroit in the summer of 2022 with the intention of making a more polished but still crunchy sound.

The Antibuddies play loud music joyfully and enjoy making snarky observations about social problems. They like to travel, collaborate with creative people and admire nature. If you’ve ever been in Chicago traffic and witnessed a yellow and blue bakery truck inexplicably featuring a huge cartoon rabbit on it you probably know the title of That’s What I Said. What does a rabbit have to do with bread? You won’t find out.